Saturday, December 17, 2011

We Like NACA

By: Robert W Linkonis Sr.

I tell all my clients all the time that I am the "Debt Collector Terrorist". This is because a large part of my credit improvement program is getting on the phone with collection agencies, banks, finance companies and debt collectors to make them violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This forces them to "cease debt collection activities" and work out a settlement or cancellation of the debt.

In the Richmond Times Dispatch last week, I heard about the NACA event coming to the Richmond Convention Center for four days. They were coming to Richmond to help homeowners who are in risk of losing their homes work with the banks to find a solution to help them to avoid foreclosure. I was intrigued with the concept. Especially because of how big the movement was and the size of the venue they were leasing. .

I immediately thought that this company could offer help to some of my clients at Credit Restoration Associates, so I started researching the company.

The first thing that got my attention was their CEO, Bruce Marks. He started the concept for NACA when he was a Union Activist. This evolved into his work as the Executive Director of the Union Neighborhood Assistance Corporation (UNAC) and was one of the first to expose predatory lending and it's devastating impact and the main reason we are in the housing mess to begin with.

What Bruce started doing was make the lives of bank executives a "living hell" unless they started helping the very consumers that they took advantage of. Yes - a percentage of those people should not have been given the loans, but due to predatory lending practices, they WERE given the loans. The banks made out like fat cats when the homeowner is stuck with no other option except foreclosure.

I read where Bruce Marks had been called an "urban terrorist" who went to a speech of the president of Fleet Bank, CEO Terrence Murray, at Harvard University, disrupted the speech and made this man's life miserable for four long years. Eventually, the bank caved and started modifying the loans and help the people stay in their homes. 


Bruce's tactics sound like an extreme version of what I do to the debt collectors and collection agencies (the evil side of telemarketing). It actually inspired me to a large degree. Watch out debt collectors... so I had to go and see this event for myself. Here is a cell phone video clip of the event.

I wanted to meet Bruce Marks, but he was hosting the same event happening simultaneously in Charlotte, NC.  Kindred souls will just have to meet another day. 

The reason I wrote this post and am endorsing NACA is mainly because of the research done on the company and on Bruce Marks. Do some research yourself at: www.

Please feel free to call Credit Restoration Associates at (800) 648-5157 for all questions relating to NACA and home foreclosure. We will always guide you in the right direction. We are the only legal and bonded credit repair company in Richmond, so you know that we are the only legitimate company you will talk with. Our office is on southside in the Boulders Office Complex next to Chippenham Hospital. Call us today and schedule a FREE credit consultation!

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