Thursday, September 24, 2015

Add up to Two Years of Past Rent Payments to Your Credit Report

We have been waiting for this!

Details about the Program:

Rental Kharma will first verify your rental lease with your property manager. After verification, they will report up to the past 24 months of history to Transunion. (They are working to add Equifax and Experian).

It will report as an "Open Tradeline". If you have more than one lease or have co-signed for someone else, it will report as a "Joint" tradeline. You can have more than one tradeline added if your name is on multiple leases.

Every month, Rental Kharma will report the previous months rental payment - building your credit!

How long until the tradeline reports? Rent Data is sent to Transunion Twice a Week. Most rental payments will reflect in under 7 days.

This is an incredible value and I am excited that our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Sign up HERE. 

Next Post: Their Debt Collection Days are OVER!

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