Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fair Credit Lawsuits WAY up in 2012. Why?

Headline and news outline by credit master and expert witness: John Ulzheimer

2012 continues to be a busy year for FCRA lawsuits, FCRA lawyers and FCRA expert witnesses says Ulzheimer.

According to WebRecon, a Michigan based Litigant Data tracking bureau, FCRA lawsuits are up 15% year to date in 2012 over the same time period (January through September) in 2011.

And while the pace of lawsuits has slowed considerably (at one time they were up over 90% year to date compared to 2011) 2012 is still shaping up to meet or exceed 2011′s record numbers.

Often these types of lawsuits involved a consumer plaintiff suing a credit industry player such as a bank, credit reporting agency (or some other form of consumer reporting agency), or a collection agency. The allegations can rage from reasonable procedures to permissible purpose violations (improper access) to re-investigation issues.

  • A big part of how ethical credit repair works, is demanding that our clients rights under federal laws are not violated. Collection agencies have no problem threatening to sue our clients for the money that they are trying to collect, so basically we demand for our clients that the collection agencies: 
1. irrefutably prove that the debt they are trying to collect belongs to the client. 
2. that they have proof of ownership or the proper legal assignment of the right to collect the debt. 

If the collection agencies just send a duplicate statement of what they had sent previously, or a "screen shot" from their computer showing that anyone can type information into their database, they did not comply with what the client requested by exercising their rights provided by the FDCPA. Refusal to comply gives the client the right to sue for damages.

If the credit bureaus and original creditors refuse to comply with the clients rights under the FCRA, it is the exact same result. If any entity violates our clients rights under federal law - they deserve to get litigated against.

At Credit Restoration Associates, we build the paper trail for our legal team for both FCRA and FDCPA violation lawsuits. 

Our legal team is available when the "hammer" needs to be pulled out to demand enforcement of the clients rights. We even have access to an expert witness with over 100 cases under his belt with victories in: credit report damage, credit score damage and credit reputation damages.

Call us today for an absolutely free credit consultation and credit report review and see if we might be able to help your situation: Toll Free: 800-648-5157.

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Mikey Bravo said...

This is really interesting. I did not even know that there were places that could help you get your credit repaired. I will have to look into that. Thanks for the great article!