Friday, March 21, 2014

35 + "Other" Credit Bureaus

Equifax, Experian and Transunion are commonly referred to as the "Big 3" consumer credit bureaus. Did you ever wonder who all of the "little ones" are? 

Below is a list of over 35 "other" credit bureaus. Before you check out the list, here are a couple of highlights: 

ChexSystems - This is a credit bureau used for NSF and check fraud screening. They are a "consumer credit bureau", and consumers can request their ChexSystems report just like they can from the big 3 credit bureaus. Unlike the "Big 3" credit bureaus, however, no creditor or merchant reports positive data to ChexSystems. If you're in their database, it's only bad news! 

LexisNexis - LexisNexis collects public records from the PACER system and from courthouses around the country and shares those records with the "Big 3" credit bureaus. 100% of the credit bureaus' public record data comes from LexisNexis. 

Medical Information Bureau - Have you checked your MIB report lately? The Medical Information Bureau keeps tabs on your medical history. Your medical history is pretty important, so it could pay to keep tabs on your MIB report. 

Here's the full list for your viewing pleasure. Note, not all of the below credit bureaus are necessarily "credit bureaus" in the strictest sense of the word. A few are supplementary to the other credit bureaus, and are used for data appending and verification or other consumer data industry needs. 

Banking and Check History CRAs
- ChexSystems 
- Certegy Check Services 
- Telecheck 

Payday Lending Reporting Agencies: 
- Factor Trust 
- Clarity Services 
- CL Verify Microbilt 
- CoreLogicTeletrack 
- DataX 

Auto and Property Insurance Reporting Agencies: 
- Insurance Services Office (ISO) (A Plus Property Reports) 
- Insurance Information Exchange 
- L.N. (Clue Personal Property Report) 
- L.N. (Clue Auto Report) 

Supplementary/Alternative Credit Reporting Agencies: 
- CoreScore Credit Report 
- L2C 
- Pay Rent Build Credit (PRBC)/Microbilt 
- ID Analytics 
- Innovis 
- Lexis Nexis Screening Solutions. Inc. 

Utility Credit Reporting Agencies: 
- National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange 

Rental Reporting Agencies: 
- Core Logic SafeRent 
- LexisNexis Screening Solutions Inc. Resident History Report 
- Leasing Desk (Real Page) 
- Tenant Data Services 
Medical Reporting Agencies: 
- Medical Information Bureau 
- MillimanIntelliScript 

Employment Reporting Agencies: 
- Accurate Background 
- Contemporary Information Corp. 
- Early Warning Services 
- EmployeeScreenIQ 
- First Advantage 
- GIS 
- HireRight 
- Infocubic 
- Intellicorp 
- Trak 1 Technology 
- Verifications Inc. 
- The Work Number 

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