Tuesday, October 5, 2021

October 2021 Newsletter: Bad Credit is Scary!


A message from Robert Linkonis Sr., Executive Director

You know what's scary? Nearly 2 in 3 adults (64%) say that money is a significant source of stress in their life [source]. Credit-worthiness has a huge affect on our mental health and it can be daunting to navigate the world of credit restoration without support.

Possibly scarier, until recently there was no scientific evidence to support what many individuals feel on a daily basis due to poor credit: anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts. We now have proof that debt is a financial stressor associated with these psychological and physiological behaviors [Dr. C.K. Hughes (2021) The Impact of Credit Worthiness].

With us, you’ll have access to trained credit experts who can answer your questions and help you make sense of the complexities of credit.

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Breaking the cycle of bad credit is a difficult and long process.

You can work to pay down your credit balances and ask about an increase to your credit limit (not to charge more, but to lower your credit utilization ratio!) but these things can take a long time to make a difference.

Checking your credit report for errors and disputing accounts with incorrect or unverifiable items is how we can help you! But we won’t stop there. We will work with you to create a personalized action plan to tackle your bad credit. We follow along with you every step of the way to see the completion of the plan. We know how bad credit scores can affect every aspect of your life and we want to see you reach your financial goals!

Celia L. Powell, CPA is an accountant and consultant, practicing professionally beginning in 2009. Celia brings a unique approach to her accounting practice by utilizing mindfulness practices along with traditional business methods to support her clients as they transform and manage their finances. Celia focuses on going beyond the numbers to help her clients reach both their life and financial goals.

Celia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York at New Paltz, 1986. She received Certified Public Accountant’s license from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2009 and has been in private practice since then, serving non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals.

Ms Powell, most recently began an online platform, used to teach, coach and inspire others to create a financial vision for their money and ultimately become the CEO of their lives.

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