Monday, August 29, 2022

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CRI is seeking seven talented individuals to join its Board of Directors to govern the organization. The monthly time commitment is estimated to be four hours per month, including bi-monthly in-person Board Meetings.

Please complete the application in its entirety and submit it by September 15th. Executive Director, Robert Linkonis, will contact you during the week of September 19th to schedule a video interview during the week of September 26th.

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Homebuyers have faced challenges recently, but there are signs that the struggle might be in the past. It's no secret that mortgage rates have skyrocketed and the cost of homes has increased– both of which have added to the cost associated with purchasing and owning a home. “What we are likely to see is that fewer buyers will be able to afford this housing market,” says Dr. Jessica Lautz, vice president of demographics and behavioral insights at the National Association of Realtors.

This summer’s housing market can still be expected to remain a sellers' market. Buyers shouldn't expect to have the upper hand in negotiations or have an easy time finding deals. But buyers should take advantage of the extra available to view homes and put together offers. As a buyer, supply and demand are huge factors, housing inventory is still rigorously low, and the market is likely to stay strong. Instead of seeing prices drop, they are expected to grow but at a slower pace.

If you’re planning on buying or selling a home during the summer 2022 homebuying season, take a look at what these three experts believe the real estate market to look like and what you can do about it.

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NOVA Education has introduced a new game to teach financial literacy and decision-making!

Have you ever wondered how you can identify and overcome biases that hurt you financially? Now you can. NOVA teamed up with Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight to design the NOVA Financial Lab, a game that breaks down the behavioral science behind budgetary decision-making. In the game, users can practice making financial decisions and examining the behaviors that influence how they spend money, and how these choices can affect progress toward economic well-being.

Learn more about the research behind the game and how you can play by visiting their website.

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Friday, August 5, 2022

Predictions for the Summer 2022 housing market

Substantial price gains, intense competition, and more have been known to stifle the home buying process in the past, and now with mortgage rates continuing to be on the rise, what does that mean for potential homebuyers?

For many, higher rates mean increasing price ranges. But when even basic single-family homes are coming with the price tag of a lavish pad these days, buyers are having to choose between postponing their purchase or compromising on their preferred location. “The Fed has promised another interest rate boost. If you’re ready to buy, don’t wait because prices aren’t headed dramatically downwards to what our parents paid. Things might dip a bit, but there’s no cliff dive that’s going to happen," said Tabitha Mazzara, Director of Operations at Mortgage Bank of California.

Forbes Magazine partnered with mortgage and realty experts to make predictions for the housing market this Summer season. Read their full report here.

Our custom credit disputes leverage the consumer protection laws and the credit bureaus’ automated codes to help remove or correct unverifiable items.

As our client, we dispute accounts with the bureaus and creditors on your behalf. Using our years of experience, we utilize the tools you need to move your case forward and the results you are looking for.

Mortgage readiness and getting pre-approved all imply credit worthiness.
You too can improve your credit.

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Sales Bloomberg, the mortgage industry’s top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, has released its latest Mortgage Market Opportunities Report. In their report, they project that sharp quarter-over-quarter increases in cash-out, credit improvement, and new-listing alerts in Q2 2022 will create areas of opportunity for lenders in the contracting mortgage market.

With New Listing Alerts continuing on the rise and reporting that new listings are coming in at a pace not seen since 2017, purchase origination opportunities continue to reign supreme in the market. It has been reported that Americans’ overall financial well-being has improved and lenders should reconsider revisiting loan applicants they once turned down.

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach are trusted by more than 300 lenders, including brokers, independent mortgage companies, credit unions, and banks to connect borrowers with the right loan at the right time.

Real the full article here

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