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Happy Holidays from everyone at the Credit Restoration Institute!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from everyone here at Credit Restoration Institute. We hope you enjoy a safe and memorable season with those who mean the most.

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Five tips to quickly improve your credit score

Your FICO score is nothing more, nothing less than a mathematical formula. Knowing this formula is key to having a great credit score.

Your credit score can be as low as 300 or as high as 850. That means that you have 550 points that you can either gain or lose when it comes to your credit score.

Over the last few years, I found five tips that account for the most significant improvements to your credit score in the fastest time. You can access these tips in the guide below.


TransUnion LLC Confirms Recent Data Breach with State Attorney General’s Office

On November 7, 2022, TransUnion LLC reported a data breach with the Massachusetts Attorney General after information in the company’s possession was subject to unauthorized access. According to TransUnion, the breach resulted in the names, Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, and driver’s license numbers being compromised. Recently, TransUnion sent out data breach letters to all affected parties, informing them of the incident and what they can do to protect themselves from identity theft and other frauds.

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If used correctly, credit cards can be a beneficial tool when shopping during the holiday season. Many people turn to their credit cards for luxurious travel expenses, to pay for high-priced gifts, and to splurge on end-of-the-year purchases.

With perks like credit card rewards, cash-back opportunities, and more, it can be tempting to use your credit card for major and minor expenses. Bankrate wants to ensure you're getting the most out of your holiday spending by sharing a list of ways to save with your credit card this season.

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It can be expensive, but for many, holiday travel is essential.

Whether you're vacationing solo or traveling to visit loved ones, planning ahead can help ensure a successful trip. HerMoney put together a list of tips to help build (and stick to!) your holiday travel budget.

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Our custom credit disputes leverage the consumer protection laws and the credit bureaus’ automated codes to help remove or correct unverifiable items.

As our client, we dispute accounts with the bureaus and creditors on your behalf. Using our years of experience, we use the tools you need to move your case forward and get the results you are looking for.

Mortgage readiness and getting pre-approved all imply creditworthiness. You, too, can improve your credit.

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