Thursday, January 17, 2019

Credit Repair Promotion 2019 for Liberty Tax Franchisees - NOW is the time

Hello Liberty Tax Franchisees and Store Managers,

Today is the 17th of January, and if you have not told your preparers to refer clients to us for credit repair, call the CRA office ASAP to schedule us to do a training session for your team. 804-823-9601. Plan on a day when everyone can be present to participate in the training. 

You are about to start getting very busy and you are Going to have an excellent 2019 tax season!!  

And as you know, referring clients to us for credit repair is a VERY lucrative "additional income" for you. View the 2019 promotion video by clicking below:  vvvvvvvvvvvvv

 Liberty Tax 2019 Credit Repair Affiliate Promotion

See our updated "Zee Net" page on the Liberty Tax Corporate resources site for talking points for credit repair services in your stores. "Financing", then "Outside Financing", then "Credit Restoration Associates" for all program details and guidelines.

You will make $50.00 per referral, X 100's of referrals this tax season!!! It will help you to make payroll.. utilities.. Liberty franchise fees.. whatever you need. 

Call Credit Restoration Associates for more information: 804-823-9601 x101

Are you interested in opening a satelite credit repair office in your Liberty Tax store(s)? Are you intersted in investing in a credit repair business opportunity? Visit our credit repair franchise page: for additional information and special offers to get started.

Credit Repair Franchise Business Opportunity Videos below:
Credit Repair Franchise Business Opportunity:

 Credit Repair Franchise Business Opportunity

 Shawn Womack Franchise Director Credit Repair Franchise Program and Business Opportunity

NOW is the time to invest in the future of your company. 

Robert Linkonis, our company President, and his company, Credit Restoration Associates, has physically attended each of the last 7 (seven) Liberty Tax conventions in Virginia Beach VA. We have had a full "Vendor Booth" in the exhibit hall of each convention  

You have most likely met Robert if you attended any of the Liberty Tax Conventions, or participated in his seminars on personal credit or business credit in the last seven years.

From Robert:
"I cannot remember exactly how many of you approached us at our vendor booth at the last 7 (seven) Liberty Tax Conventions in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach asking to buy into our franchise model. I have met thousands of you in the "breakout" sessions after each of my presentations to talk about fixing personal credit and building business credit...


Now is the time!

Call NOW to get started with the referral program (discounts for your family and your employees!) and Call NOW to schedule a conversation about becoming a full partner. (804) 823-9601.

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