Thursday, May 18, 2017

Liberty Franchisees - Plan Your Breakout Schedule Now

This will be the FIFTH Liberty Tax Convention that Credit Restoration Associates has attended. June 1st-3rd at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. We are honored to be the preferred credit repair and business credit resource for Liberty Tax franchisees.

I have spoken at each one of the conventions on the topics of personal credit and business credit. Thinking about this upcoming one, made me remember my very first convention. Dan had me scheduled for 4 - fifty minute sessions back to back, starting Saturday morning at 9:00 am. It still ranks in my top 5 most interesting speaking situations. And - it turned out to be a very good day.

This year, I will be speaking on Friday at 2:30 and at 3:20 in Room 4-DE. These are ideal times. I look forward to as many franchisees as possible coming to one of the sessions. See you there!

Robert W Linkonis Sr.


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